October | 2016

Hey guys!

I'm back with my monthly update for October! I don't have a video this month because things were a little too busy - which is also why I had a fewer number of posts. However, it has been an awesome month and I'm excited to share with you all the happenings. Here's what's been up:

  • Went walking and brunching with my blogging buddies Alex (The Berger Bungalow) and Autumn (Stay Gold Autumn).
  • Took a road trip up to Indiana for the baptism of our newest godchild, had a great time seeing our close friends and their families, and enjoyed some fall weather and activities.
  • I continued on a solo trip to Minnesota and Wisconsin to spend some time at my parent's new house and to see my sisters for a couple of days. It was so precious to be together as the opportunity is rare and has never actually happened before!
  • Before leaving the Midwest I got to indulge on a Pizza Ranch buffet with my mom. Hahaha - this may sound trivial, but it's a Midwest chain that I grew up on and it was fun to have it again!
  • I baked my very first artisanal, no-knead, bread loaf! It was crazy simple and SO good. Here's the recipe.
  • My darling husband turned the big 2-7 and we had a low key day... until December when we see the 49ers play! Neither of us have been to an NFL game, so we're very much looking forward to it.
  • We almost got a pet guinea pig. It all happened so fast! One day I just really wanted to get a small pet, so Autumn met me at a Petsmart and long story short... I held one, Tom gave a very surprising go-ahead on the insane idea, and I nearly walked out of the store with the poor thing in a cardboard box. Thankfully Autumn and the worker talked me out of it, at least until Tom and I could give it more than a five minute thought, and as expected, we are no longer entertaining the idea of a pet... for now. Autumn and I had a pretty great laugh over the spontaneity though, and I'm pretty sure she's relieved for the poor thing (that is hopefully gracing a better prepared home by now).
  • Started researching semi-pro cameras! From one crazy purchase to the next, right? This one is more realistic, though. Anyone have some camera recommendations? I lean towards the DSLRs, but Tom is leaning mirrorless. I'd love some tips or things to think about from my readers/photographer friends!
  • We had a typical grocery shopping date night that ended in basically a cart full of junk food. I love being a grown-up with my best friend. The photo below of me running down the aisle over Tom's shoulder cracks me up. Because TOTS.
  • Said we'd try being active morning people, and promptly woke up late the next day.
  • Carved nerdy pumpkins (Tom's won a prize at his work!) and dressed as a hunter and a doe for trick-or-treaters (see my Instagram for more). We've never had trick-or-treaters, so we thoroughly enjoyed being home last night. 

This was a month for the books. It was busy, but 95% of it was positive and fun. We've had some personal things going on lately that have been really difficult, but we're doing great otherwise (just being real). Also, I give MAJOR props to make-up artists. My Halloween make-up took an ungodly amount of time for an "okay" result - hahaha - but it was fun!

The one downer is that just as it was starting to feel like fall here, it cranked back up to the 80's! I know, I know... first world problems. But come on - a hot cider just doesn't have the same effect when you're sweating! 

blogs to explore

The Confused Millennial - Rachel is funny, relatable, creative, and informative. There is something for everyone on her blog and you can tell she is so genuine. I love getting trapped in her content for entirely too long.

Brittany L Bergman - Previously The Nested Nomad, Brittany recently underwent a little rebrand and it looks beautiful! She's been a great blogging buddy the last couple of years, and I'm so happy to see her space better suit her. She talks living simply, motherhood, and more - go see!

Em Writes - Not only is her blog so beautiful in aesthetics, but her posts are often fun and easy to love. Such a lovely soul!

I hope you all had a marvelous October and are looking forward to November. I can't believe we're there already! Thanksgiving will be here before we know it, so Tom and I better get serious about becoming active morning people before all the holidays hit. I say this at 12:30AM. We never learn.
Much love, readers - Happy November!