October | 2017

Man you guys, I am getting so behind on my posting, I'm sorry! Our life has just gotten so insane (and I'll tell you why soon) but we're just trying to get our ducks in a row, and in the process I'm not taking many photos or creating much besides dinner and laundry. Is that very interesting to share about? NO. So as I say - my blog always reflects my life, and right now it is BUSY and not very "present" beyond what we're doing to try not to lose our heads. I hope that makes sense?

HOWEVER, I promise I actually have TONS to share, so I'll be filling you in once I can actually sit down and write about it. It's been killing me to keep all these bits and pieces to myself, but obviously, no one wants to share about things that might fall through or aren't completely certain and have to go back and be like, "sry, nvr mind" soooo that's why there's been such a hold up. GAHHH but it's killing me because it's been ALL consuming the past several weeks! Soon though, so be ready for some announcements.

Here's our unedited month of October!

So there you have it! A photo overview of our October. The only post I did this past month was my Iceland Travel Guide (see?! so behind!) but I'm hoping I can get started on my France and Italy guides too... as well as some posts going over the stories from our trip. I thought that would just be a fun change of pace and let you hear the good, bad, and funny of our three week adventure!

Is there anything else you want to see on Joy Lynn? Let me know! I seriously love your suggestions. 

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