August | 2017

Oh my goodness. I am sooooo glad to leave August in the dust for one reason.... the WEATHER. Well, honestly, summer in its entirety, but August was particularly sticky this year. Nothing on earth makes me grumpy the way being too hot makes me grumpy. We all have our "things" that irritate us to an extreme, and mine is hot, humid, BUGGY weather. So I have no shame in admitting my qualms about it - haha - it's just one of those "things" for me and I'll never stop being a whine baby about it.

Overall though, August was busy around these parts. We ate a lot of good food, our trip is getting closer, digging into the actual places we're visiting is proving time-consuming but fascinating, and generally it feels like there hasn't been enough hours in each day. My mind has been swirling with ideas (of course, always the second I lay my head down at night) and it's been hard to prioritize what's worth pursuing and what isn't, or if I should try them all. Basically, I've felt like my mind is in a constant state of "elsewhere," if that makes sense? I suppose that's the curse of a restless mind and soul.

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La La Land. Surprisingly, Tom really liked it - maybe more than me! It was just done so creatively and the story was really cute and seemed more realistic. The music was great, and so was that choreography. We keep listening to the soundtrack and it gets majorly stuck in my head.

This amazingggg post by Hey There, Chelsie. She literally put words to my struggles as of late. She says,
"I’ve been only giving 100% on my good days and giving nothing on my bad days. And then I find myself full of rage because I’m just not doing everything I should be or could be. Does that ever happen to you? You go through the motions for a few days or weeks or months and then you are full of rage because of all the time you wasted or the opportunities that passed you by or the lack of personal growth you feel?"
Go read the whole post because my GOODNESS was it spot on, honest, and just beautiful. 

This Ed Sheeran song is beautiful. And this Macklemore song is happy (and the video is ADORABLE and hilarious).

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