Plant Themed Nursery Tour

We haven't done what I'd call "decorating" since we moved into our new place. Mostly it's been getting used to new storage spaces and settling in.

But the nursery? Well, those silly ol' nesting instincts kicked right in. There are so many cute nursery ideas online and even just within those few baby aisles of Target, but the more I looked at them, the more my mind wandered to my own ideas.

Enter: The plant theme

I naturally gravitate towards cool colors - greens and blues - so creating a neutral boy's nursery was honestly pretty easy for me. I settled on a plant theme so it would have a sense of life to it, outside of animals and whatnot.

I also have to admit... I hate how baby things always look so... well... BABY-ish! My mom keeps giving me a hard time about this, but I can't help it! A baby doesn't know the difference between a teddy bear theme and a plant theme, so why do I have to put baby animals all over?! Haha - this is by no means a dig at anyone else's preferences. It's just a style decision I made that certainly won't hurt the child's development, and won't make me feel cringey every time I go in there. I can honestly say, I lovvvvvve the look of this nursery and it feels super cozy and cohesive to the rest of our house.

Once I landed on the theme, I decided to watercolor the prints myself (because I had a picture of how I wanted them to look). I'm not super talented with drawing and painting, but I figured if they turned out crappy, I would move on to buying them. But I actually like the amateur look of them and they totally make the space!

If you're curious where things in this room are from, I'll list them below the photo tour. Oh, but the Bernese Mountain Dog is NOT for sale ;) Ugh. He's so photogenic.

Item links

From Amazon:

From IKEA and others:

Crib mattress
Fur rug
Drawer organizers

Frames - Wal-Mart and spray painted gold
Mobile - various items from Hobby Lobby
Laundry basket - HomeGoods