Our Minimalist-Modern Baby Registry

If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I'm not big on "stuff." Search for "minimalist" on my blog and lots of posts will come up. This is not to say that our home is a vast quarry of echoey rooms and empty closets - not at all - but gifts and shopping are just not the way to my heart (food is, though).

When it came time to organize a registry of items for our upcoming baby, I was excited....

..until I saw how many baby things there ARE in the world!

Talk about overwhelming! So, for months I spent tons of time diligently reading reviews and narrowing down our list to lots of basics and very little fluff. The way we saw it, should our baby need more, we can get it after he's here. They don't need much, so as I am in all areas of our home, I kept it minimal.

Below, I've created a handy infographic that you can Pin, but each number correlates below for further explanation. Of course, this does exclude a few things like diapers and wipes and bottles (which are pretty par-for-the-course), but these are all items I am starting with.

Modern Minimalist Baby Registry.jpg

1. Crib: Ours is the SUNDVIK from IKEA and I love the enclosed ends and minimal, simple look. Plus, that price is pretty great. We also purchased a mattress from IKEA and went with their mid-priced one. 

2. Glider-Swivel-Recliner: I really wanted something particularly comfortable, so we splurged on this a bit. It's the Baby Relax Rylan and honestly, it's my favorite piece of furniture in the house right now. It's very roomy, and is even comfy enough that I could see myself falling asleep in it with a baby in my arms. 

3. Dresser: We already had this from IKEA (that you definitely need to anchor to the wall for safety) and it's minimal, spacious, and doubles as a changing table AND side table next to the glider. 

4. Changing pad: Pretty straightforward - just a good basic for those littles. We also got this Burts Bees cover.

5. Nursery blanket: Of course, baby needs blankets, but I loved the idea of having one for myself and baby to snuggle under that is meant just for the nursery. This one is from Lorena Canals. It's handmade and has these super cute pom-tassels on each corner. Care is easy as it's machine washable, but it just feels like such a little luxury to have in the nursery. Since it's handmade, the dye may differ slightly from one to the next, but I think that's such an awesome upside to own something truly unique! Lorena Canals also carries amazing, washable rugs (which is seriously such an amazing feature). I received this beautiful blanket courtesy of Lorena Canals.

6. Metal step trash: This one is small and out of the way. Several people suggested a small one because you'll want to empty it often anyways, but the stainless steel will help trap the smell between changes.

7. Nest cam: Personally, I've heard enough creepy stories about baby monitors being hacked, that we opted for something we felt was more secure. This Nest cam should be great!

8. Sleepers: I am not super into complicated outfits for tiny babies. They just seem coziest and easiest to change when they're in a simple little sleeper. We have a week's worth in Newborn and perhaps just a couple more than that for 0-3.

9. Onesies: Probably the most basic of all baby necessities. Onesies can be worn alone, under sleepers, with little pants, etc... and this pack is a cute neutral choice.

10. Fridababy NoseFrida: This nose aspirator practically has a cult following! I had a lot of people suggest this to me, and figured it could be my one peer-pressure-induced purchase.

11. Basic newborn kit: Another good basic that includes nail clippers, a brush, little nail files, and more.

12. Bath towel: Gotta wrap that baby up and keep them cozy after a bath :)

13. Washcloths: A few soft, gentle washcloths for bath time, of course.

14. Dock-A-Tot: There are a lot of options out there for multi-functional baby loungers, but I just kept coming back to the Dock-A-Tot. I love that it's been tested for breathability, is all-natural 100% cotton, handmade in Europe, and comes in two sizes (Deluxe or Grand). You can use it for supervised tummy-time, changing diapers, playing, resting, lounging, etc... This page on their website really explains the uses and functionality of it. I'm so excited to have a safe, cozy spot to put my baby boy! It's fun to picture him resting in it next to me on the couch or soaking in some cozy mornings in bed. I'll be back once he's here with a review for you. I received a Dock-A-Tot courtesy of their company.

15. Rock N' Play: This is something every parent I know seems to swear by. It'll be nice to have a place off the floor to put our little bub. Especially when I picture our big bear dog, and his serious lack of personal space - haha! This should keep baby comfy and safe from Hondo's overly loving snuggles.

16. Baby gym: These always offer a nice spot for stimulation and play, and I particularly liked this simple, minimal one from IKEA.

17. Swaddle blankets: I could hoard swaddles and muslins all the day long! I'm a sweatshirt person, and for some reason, baby blankets are my baby equivalent to sweatshirts.

18. Toys and Books: Honestly, we have not gone overboard at all. We bought the two pictured, and only have a couple more. Kids get so many toys, and I think this is going to be an area I'll be pretty picky as a parent and aspiring minimalist. "Babies don't need much" is my mantra!

19. Carseat cover: This is one of those 4-in-1 covers. It can be used as a scarf, nursing cover, carseat cover, and cart cover. I love how stretchy and breathable it is. Not sure how many of the four functions I'll actually use it for, but I love the options and material!

20. Backpack diaper bag: When it comes to purses, I have always been a cross-body kinda girl. I hate totes that drape over my arm or I have to balance on my shoulder, so I've always known that a stylish backpack would be the choice for me. This one is structured and has SUCH awesome places for storage and organization. I can't wait to use it!

21. Travel system: Carseats are obviously a necessity, but I also liked that we found one that came with a nice stroller. Of course, there are a million options based on price, if it can convert to a two-child stroller to last through your next baby, etc... but ultimately the decision is up to you. We decided on a middle-of-the-road system in terms of price and quality, and I'm really excited to use it.

There you have it - our minimalist-modern baby registry! Of course, as I mentioned, there are other basics that I excluded (thermometer, diapers, wipes, socks, etc...) but beyond the very, very basics, this is really it for us! We didn't go overly boyish or babyish and kept it all pretty modern and neutral. Once you figure out an aesthetic and "niche" (if you will) of baby items that suit you, they become easier to find. I'll have a review on the Dock-A-Tot once our little guy has arrived, but I think we are going to love it! The material is so much softer in person than I expected, and it just feels so cozy for baby!