April | 2017

What a full month we've had! Not only terms of our schedules, but full in joys and accomplishments and celebrations. See below for the photos and summary!

This month's happenings:

Favorite Links

Now that we've announced our trip to Iceland and Europe this fall, I can show you guys the fun tips, videos, and articles I've found on travel to these places. I love this video by Gal Meets Glam on their visit to Iceland this past winter.

In preparation for our big trip, we're also working on making some lifestyle changes. We've joined a gym and I've been working at keeping my portions under wraps. Recipes like this make it seem like a totally enjoyable change to make!

We've been on the hunt for water resistant jackets for Iceland that can roll up really small as we'll also be going to France, and we found them at Target! I'm so excited to wear this blue jacket!

As today is May 1st, check out this post on my Facebook page where I explain my FAVORITE song about the month of May. Hint: it's from a 1960's favorite movie of mine!

P.S. Don't forget to check back this Wednesday for a special guest bake by my Star Baker, Cameron!