July | 2016

What a whirlwind of a month.
Oh, you too?
Those summer days, I tell ya. Especially July.


First off, let me share with you some of my current favorites:

This super cheap dress was the first item of clothing I've ever ordered off Amazon and I am super happy with it. If you check out my photos below, I'm wearing it in blue by Lake Michigan at our friend's rehearsal dinner. It's also on my Instagram.

The clock I pictured, isn't the exact one we own, but it's practically the same and it has added such a perfect minimal piece to our kitchen area. See this post for a photo of it in our home. 

$25.99 $49.99

blogs to explore

I am totally crushing on Warmth & Whimsy which is a blog I recently discovered and I just can't get enough of! Katie talks about the importance of dating your spouse, gardening, confidence, etc.. a wide array of topics that I am finding so relatable.

Brunch on Chesnut is a larger blog, but her photos are so stunning and I adore how they're styled.

Boulevard House. Admittedly, I've hardly had a moment to read her posts in their entirety, but just based on the fact that she writes about making your house your own, I am bookmarking it to return!

latest adventures

We had a really fun July. Between being outside with friends for play or for the holiday, and a packed week in Wisconsin, we are pretty pooped. There were lots of memories made and laughter with the best people. I'm just going to give a winded synopsis of what went down this month...

  • Spent the 4th with the best // Alex and her husband from The Berger Bungalow #bloggingbudsforlife! We also ventured north and went river tubing as couples and had a blast.
  • Mooched off our awesome friends' pool // gosh, could we love them any more? Haha!
  • Discovered this adorable hidden gem of a town near our home, that has an pretty lake and sweet locals.
  • Grabbed a quick lunch with one of my best friends from college and her sweet baby girl // love!
  • Spent a couple days with my sister and her family in their new house in Wisconsin, and finally got some cheese curds.
  • Had a very adventurous long weekend north of Milwaukee for a wedding // and somewhere in there acquired THIRTY-THREE bug bites on my feet/ankles/lower calves alone. So itchy.
  • We stayed in two different Airbnb's and, as usual, had some great experiences. Our host lived in the first one we stayed in, and she was a total delight to have talked to and been hosted by. Don't forget to use my code the first time you book an Airbnb for $30 off!
  • Finally saw my all time favorite band play live in Chicago at the Bears Stadium // Coldplay! It was so incredible and a dream come true.

Here's a little photo tour of our month (click to enlarge):

The amazing thing about Coldplay's concert were the wristbands you were given upon entering. They changed color, blinked, etc... along with the beat of the songs. It was so magical to look across the expanse of this massive stadium and see the colorful lights in sync with the songs. Of course, during their song "Yellow" everyone's wristband turned yellow, which was fitting. Fireworks would shoot up behind the band on beat with some songs, and they had these giants balloons being tossed around the entire arena. In a word it was just incredible. Very, very fun concert. Check out my Instagram for another short video from the concert, and note the wristbands when the song picks up. 

What have you all been up to this month?