Living Room Moodboard

As our final projects come to a close, I can finally begin to dive into decorating our spaces. Most of our rooms are very minimal in decor because 1) we actually do strive to live a minimalist lifestyle, so we don't gather much stuff anyway and 2) because any and all money has been going to bigger ticket items up until now.

We basically did our house in phases. This isn't that unusual, as probably a lot of people unknowingly do this, but here is a brief breakdown of our phases.

Phase 1: Basic aesthetic changes (smooth ceilings, paint walls and trim, update light fixtures, paint existing vanities)

Phase 2: Demolition and renovation

Phase 3: Decorate, fix errors in previous phases, final touches

Here is the current state of our living room:
(and can we just swoon for one minute over the hidden cords?!)

Here are some ideas of how to brighten up our space and make it "ours":

Facing the other direction:

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed our DIY coffee table - so that portion is already taken care of.

We are now on the hunt for the right lamps, chair, art, and throws. The colors I'm using bring such life and dimension to our otherwise boring space. It will still look very minimal, but put-together and welcoming. The mixture of textures - wood and ratan, metal legs, plant life, woven pouf, soft pillows, and warm lighting - create a good balance. 

Part of me actually wants to create a huge gallery wall up and around the TV. What do you think of that idea?

Anyways, just a short and sweet update on our work-in-progress. Check out my Living Room Pinterest board for more ideas and inspiration (below). Have a happy week, friends!