August | 2016

This is so nerve-wracking. And awkward.
Today, instead of a fully written post, I decided to try my hand at creating a video. I wanted to challenge myself to try something new and learn to edit, piece together, and transition videos into a little month-in-the-life. Unfortunately, I didn't even think of this idea until a few days ago, so I don't have a ton of actual video footage from the month, but I'm going to try for that in September!

This month, I'm filling you in on some bits and pieces... but of course, after I finished editing, I realized a bazillion things I left out.

We also got to see Tom's parents who stopped for a little visit, tried a local seafood restaurant, got a recessed light installed above our sink, found the cutest local park, met some new friends, I had brunch with my good blogging friends in the area, and we installed some floating built-ins to hold all our TV and sound related stuff. Work has been increasingly busy for both of us this month, so maybe that's where some of our spontaneous dates have come from; a desire to stop our minds from churning for just a millisecond of peace.

Between my staying up till all hours of the night trying to answer emails and come up with proposals, and Tom's bizarre bouts of waking up at ungodly early hours to the beckoning of the app he's working on, we are getting through our days in zombie-like states. We're living for those Saturday mornings and slow sips of coffee. All is well in the world, though, and there's not much we can complain about.

Anyways, I won't keep you from the glorious(ly embarrassing) video in the next scroll. Even though this is a little rough around the edges, I am looking forward to the challenge of getting better at this with time. I hope you enjoy!

current favorites


Okay, this is the last time I'll mention this book, but seriously, for ten bucks, you've got yourself a great read. Also, I've linked one of about a million throw pillow covers you can find on Amazon. I'm looking for a couple for our living room, and have yet to sift through enough to find the exact ones I want. For whatever reason, I forget that Amazon has items like this, so I was glad when a friend recently reminded me of this fact.

blogs to explore

Hey Sweet Little Thing follows a family of three and their little adventures in life and in baking. I can't seem to leave her pages because of her adorable photos and drool-worthy desserts!

Hello Rigby is a fashion blog and she's been featuring some really adorable 70's statements lately (bell bottoms!) and I'm getting serious style envy.

Rachel Lynn is just darling! Her photos always draw me in and I love the genuine happiness in her latest fashion post in the blue dress. 

That's the latest from my front... how was your month?