September | 2016

September has been so lovely. Even among the ups and downs, it has been truly wonderful. I turned 27 in the prettiest southern city, with the handsomest guy I know. My parents dropped in for a visit. We got our living room to a 'done' point. The medical tests I've been going through have given me some answers, and I am beyond grateful to have such an attentive doctor. The weather has begun to cool down, which puts me in great spirits. And so much more. September has always been a favorite month of mine. Not just because my birthday is in it, but fall weather seems to bring out a part of me that I miss during the summer. Here's this month's video recap (and I do not have fleas/lice.. I guess I just scratch my head a lot?!):

If you missed the August recap, you can see that video in all its awkward glory too. I'm having fun learning how to edit these videos, and I hope you're enjoying them! Let me know if you're curious about any other topics, and maybe I'll cover it in a post or video in the future. 

blogs to explore

Candor and Rose - I found Lisa's blog on Instagram recently, and not only is it visually stunning, but her posts are so well written. She has a great mix of topics - check it out!

Coffee With Summer - Summer writes about blogging world etiquette, fashion, and life lessons. She's so relatable to me (and many others) and she's so worth checking out. Ever had a quarter-life-crisis? She wrote about that.

Simple Moments Stick - Susannah talks about everything! Being a mom, fashion, house hunting, you name it! Reading her blog is truly like getting to know her as a friend, and I love that she let's us in on it.